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We are dedicated to providing you with extensive and highly informative information on Anti-aging, Human Growth Hormone, Detoxification, Immune Modulation, and Weight Loss. We feel that the best way to approach anti-aging is to focus on your Diet, Exercise, and an Anti-Aging Lifestyle. We will provide you with comprehensive resources help you achieve all three of these. We guarantee it!

Dr. Dicken Weatherby
Naturopathic Physician was founded by Dr. Dicken Weatherby. Dr. Weatherby is a graduate from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon. He is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician and is considered one of the leading experts in alternative medical diagnosis, and is the co-author of over 7 books in the field of alternative medicine including "Naturally Raising your HGH Levels".
Dr. Weatherby lives with his wife, and 7 and 9 year old sons on an organic farm in the Applegate valley in Southern Oregon. He spends his time writing, researching, and teaching internationally. His other websites include and
He can be reached directly at


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