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Naturally Raising Your HGH Levels- HGH Secretagogues, Diet, Exercise, and an Anti-Aging Lifestyle (printed book)

Naturally Raising Your HGH Levels- HGH Secretagogues, Exercise, Diet, and Lifestyle explains in detail the revolution that is happening in HGH therapy and anti-aging science.

  • Learn how this remarkable hormone can help you lose and mainitain weight loss by losing fat and gaining muscle.

  • Discover the most effective diet, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations to enhance the natural output of HGH.

  • learn why levels of HGH drop as we age and the strategies to reverse this trend

  • Learn about the revolutionary 3rd generation of natural HGH secretagogues that have been shown to restore HGH to youthful levels.

(86 page book- ISBN#: 0-9761367-0-8, $9.99 + s/h or £4.95 +p/p in UK)

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