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The Basic Principles of Anaerobic Training

The basic principles of the anaerobic portion of an exercise program are these:

  1. Use light weights and choose a weight that will get you to failure in about 10 to 12 reps.

  2. Use high repetitions, i.e. lift the same weight 10 to 12 and approximately 3 sets.

  3. Set the weight so that you always lift to failure by the end of the set. This is the point that you cannot go further at the end of your rep. When you feel that you are at that place do one more rep. Most muscle will be built on that last rep.

  4. Lift the weight to a count of 4-5 seconds. Lift slowly and smoothly.

  5. Return the weight to a count of 1 -2 seconds. Again, return it smoothly and do not drop it.

  6. Rest between sets for about 60 – 90 seconds.

  7. Do a second set with the same weight, but drop the reps down by 2 or 3.

  8. Do your third and last set, but this time hold the weight for 8 to 10 seconds and then return slowly. This will greatly increase your lactic acid threshold.

Studies have shown that men and women who use this protocol have the greatest increase in growth hormone levels, which will greatly increase the fat burning.


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