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Sample Anaerobic Exercise Bouts

The following are some examples of anaerobic bouts. I have included an example of a resistance weight machine and a floor exercise using free weights.

1. Assisted chin-ups

a. Set the weight to assist you with the chin up
b. Do 12 reps at 4 seconds up and 4 seconds down
c. Do the next set at 10 reps, 4 seconds up and 4 seconds down
d. Do the last rep, but this time pull yourself up and hold the contraction for 8 seconds.

2. Lunges

a. Use a set of free weights of an appropriate weight, such that you will be close to failure at the end of the exercise.
b. Lunge across the floor alternating the starting foot. Drop your knee close to the floor and push off with the opposite leg. Between each lunge do a set of bicep curls.
c. Repeat this back and forth across the room 2 times.
d. Complete the set by doing 20 bicep curls focusing on slow up and down motion. You should be close to failure toward the end of this routine.


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