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The Castor Oil Pack


The castor oil pack has many applications, and is being used as part of your detoxification program to facilitate deep cleaning and to assist the detoxification of your body.


The following supplies are needed for preparing a castor oil pack:

  1. Castor oil

  2. Flannel cloth (white cotton or wool; 20-40 inches by 24-48 inches)

  3. Plastic wrap (Clear kitchen wrap or plastic bag without ink)

  4. Glass dish (Square 9 x 9 inch Pyrex or similar container)

  5. Bath towel

  6. Hot water bottle or heating pad

  7. Two safety pins

  8. Heating pad or hot water bottle,

  9. Towel/old sheet


  1. Warm the castor oil in a double boiler or microwave and soak the flannel so that it is saturated in the castor oil. It should not be dripping with oil, but nicely soaked. You may want to strip off the excess oil.

  2. Once the pack is made, it can be stored in a container and used for a couple of months before needing to be replaced.

  3. The pack is now ready for use.


  1. Fold the flannel or wool cloth into 2-4 thickness, and a suitable size to cover the right side of your abdomen.

  2. Lay an old sheet down on the surface you will be lying on. This will prevent any oil getting onto your bed or furniture.

  3. Lie on your back placing flannel over abdomen,

  4. Place plastic wrap that is 1-2 inches larger than the flannel on all sides to prevent staining of clothes or bedding.

  5. Wrap the towel around body over the flannel and plastic and pin in place.

  6. At this time place the hot water bottle or heating pad over the treatment area. Rest.

  7. Please take this opportunity to do some breathing exercises recommended in the in the Home Care treatments. It is also a good opportunity to do some relaxation techniques and/or healing visualizations. You may sleep.

  8. Leave the pack on for 45 minutes to one hour.

  9. After finishing, if the oil bothers you, wash with a solution of 3 tablespoons of baking soda to 1-quart water.

  10. Store the pack in a large zip-lock bag or a glass container. It is possible to reuse the oil and pack many times. Add more heated oil as needed.

  11. Discard and replace the pack after it begins to change color.

  12. The treatment should ideally be done every day. Patients who use the pack daily will receive the most beneficial effects.


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