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Cleansing the Body as You
Change Your Diet

As you make the dietary changes we suggest, it is important to ensure that all the elimination organs are functioning to their optimium. This will enable nutrients to reach all your cells and will help minimize any uncomfortable (though positive) reactions which you may encounter.

This is the body's main avenue for removal of solid waste. Ideally, the body eliminates wastes after EVERY major meal. To accomplish this:

(1) minimum of 8 glasses of clean water (Do not drink with meals!)
(2) high fiber, low fat diet. Include brans, seeds and vegetables.
(3) exercise daily, it is a great bowel stimulant. Wear loose clothes around the waist.
(4) abdominal massage; starting at the lower right side of your belly, massage up to your ribs then across your upper stomach and then down the left side making a big circle around your navel.

This is the major organ of detoxification.

(1) wheatgrass juice
(2) green drinks-celery or watercress, cabbage or parsley Blend together with a little water. Strain. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
(3) lemon juice- fresh squeezed into a cup of warm water, first thing in the morning.
(4) carrot juice- fresh, stimulates the flow of bile
(5) beet juice-fresh, stimulates liver, gall bladder, kidneys
(6) apple juice-fresh, malic acid, pectins, and enzymes act as bile solvent and liver stimulant.

It is best to use juices first thing in the morning or 30 minutes before eating. Wheatgrass and carrot juice are very powerful so use only SMALL quantities and sip slowly.

The lungs are often not appreciated for their role in the elimination of wastes. Anti-mucus foods and breathing exercises are recommended to aid in cleansing the lungs.
(1) moderate use of green onions, garlic, fresh ginger
(2) wheatgrass
(3) deep breathing exercises

The kidneys are an important organ of elimination. The avoidance of salt, coffee, tea, alcohol, soda and the abundant use of clean water will enhance their function.
(1) green drinks
(2) wheatgrass juice
(3) watermelon juice- acts a diuretic
(4) lemon juice
(5) beet juice

The skin is the largest elimination organ in the body.
(1) brush the skin in the morning before showering
(2) avoid animal fat or detergent soaps
(3) alternate hot/cold water at the end of your shower
(4) weekly massage


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