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Fiber- One of The Keys to Weight Loss

It is hard to read anything about health without seeing articles on the benefits of fiber. However, most people don't get enough fiber because even in the healthiest food there is very little of a specific fiber called soluble fiber. (Please click here for a discussion of the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber)

Research has shown that daily consumption of soluble fiber is an essential part of any weight loss program as well as being beneficial for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system helping to support healthy levels of c-reactive protein, insulin, glucose, cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.

The benefits of fiber are well known but the difficulty is actually getting enough to have a benefit. Some people don't want to take more pills or deal with fiber powders that clump up in the glass and taste horrible as they are going down. Others experiences gastrointestinal difficulties becasue they start out taking too much fiber.

The benefits of fiber are so conclusive that you must make an effort to get into a habit of consuming fiber before each meal.

Most doctors don't know that one of the main causes of aging is the high insulin levels that spike to very high levels after meals and stay elevated longer than is necessary. This insulin spike contributes to damage to the body's arterial system and leads to the deposition of excess fat. Taking a fiber supplement before a meal decreaes both the absorption of carbohydrates and the high insulin spike after your meal.

There is one form of soluble fiber that outshines the others and that is called Glucomannan. Glucomannan has been shown to do four things in the body that aid in weight loss and anti-aging:

  1. Decreases carbohydrate absorption
  2. Decreases the high insulin spike after meals
  3. Helps to decrease your appetitie by swelling to a large volume and helps trigger the satiety reflex in the brain that tells you that you have eaten enough before you overeat!
  4. Helps rid the body of excess cholesterol.

The benefits of glucomannan and soluble fiber are conclusive. A fiber formula that contains glucomannan shold be part of both your anti-aging and weight loss program. If you can get into the habit of consuming a glucomannan containing fiber before each meal you will get the benefits of calorie restriction without intentionally reducing calorie intake.

Click here for a more detailed discussion on Glucomannan.


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