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Free-weight/Dumbbell workout


Press — Lie flat on your back. With weights in both hands bring elbows back next to ears and press up, bringing hands back together. Resembles upside down push up.
Flies — Begin with arms above chest (dumbbells in each arm), similar to press, form a bow like you are hugging a tree, then release arms straight out to each side — full stretch then return to “hug” position.


Press — Begin with sitting or standing position. Press the weights directly above your head, then bend elbows and bring weights in front of nose and repeat.
Side Raise — Standing position, weights at side, life them out to side, forming a cross then return.
Front Raise — Standing position, weights are raised from beginning position of resting on thighs, then raised to a position resembling sleepwalking.


Extensions — Lying position, weights are in beginning position behind head/ears, with elbows pointed toward ceiling, extend weights towards the sky, then return.
Kick backs — Bent over position, elbows at side, then extend out and behind.


Broom twists — With broomstick above resting on shoulders, twist from the waist.
1 Arm Rows — Bent over rowing position, begin with one arm, switch to other.


Curls — Standing curls, alternating hammer position and wrist rotation.
Squats — Standard squats
Lunges — Standard and reverse


Standard crunches — Legs bent or elevated. Do 25-50 reps in 1-3 sets.
Obliques — Lay on side and contract side abdominal muscles, hands behind head or along side leg, bringing elbows or fingers down towards feet. Repeat on each side.
Do 10-20 repetitions of each exercise in 2-4 sets of each.



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