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Benefits You May Experience Naturally Raising Your HGH Levels

    1. Relief from chronic arthritis
    2. Insomnia replaced with deep and restful sleep
    3. Pain relief from auto-immune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis
    4. Resolution of chronic fatigue syndrome and Epstein Barr virus
    5. Increased energy levels
    6. Improved stamina throughout the day and during exercise
    7. Increased recovery time when working out and lifting weights
    8. Better skin
    9. Resolution of old injuries
    10. Increased mental clarity
    11. Improved memory
    12. Weight loss
    13. Increased muscle mass and a loss of body fat
    14. hormonal regulation- more regular periods, fewer menopausal symptoms
    15. Resolution of depression
    16. Improved digestive function

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