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Is there a cancer risk taking
HGH secretagogues or
naturally raising my HGH levels?

Human Growth Hormone is what is called an anabolic hormone that increases tissue growth and repair, and as such may influence the growth of cancer cells if they are present in the body. However, there is no inherent risk that increasing your HGH levels by stimulating the natural output of HGH from the pituitary will increase your risk for cancer because you are only increasing your own natural output and not supplementing with the actual hormone. Secretagogues, unlike injectible HGH, allow the natural control mechanisms to operate within the body.

There is some interesting research coming out that points to the use of HGH secretagogues being helpful in treating cancer. Obviously we cannot condone this because the research is very new. If you have an active cancer or are at least 2 years in remission please do not use an HGH secretagogue.

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