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Massage and Detoxification

Massage therapy facilitates tissue cleansing and is a valuable support to detoxification. This vigorous work induces the release of toxins from the tissues and their subsequent elimination from the body. Toxins accumulate both in the cells and in the fluid surrounding cells, when the body systems of elimination cannot keep up with toxin production or absorption, mainly by an intestine compromised by bad digestion.

Our body cells take in nutrients and oxygen from the blood, do work, (grow or create products), and then give off wastes. These wastes are discharged from the cells into the extra-cellular matrix where they undergo an exchange with the blood stream for the nutrients coming in. The blood transports these wastes to the liver to be detoxified and then to the organs of elimination, the intestine, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin, for final disposal.

When these organs are burdened with excessive wastes, they show signs of their stress. Rashes, pimples, or offensive body odor indicate the skin is stressed. Frequent, painful, or urgent urination or dark or offensive smelling urine indicates the kidneys are stressed. Gas, diarrhea and constipation or green, mucous stools, or right sided chest pain indicates the liver is stressed. Congestion, coughs or wheezing indicates the lungs are stressed. Each of us will show signs of stress differently depending on our inherent weaknesses and the nature of the noxious waste materials.

These signs of stress mean it is time to “detox” – to enhance the elimination of wastes. To accomplish this, it is important to boost the eliminative capacity of the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin with detoxification techniques. As well, it is also important to increase the movement of wastes out of the cells and tissues where they are most concentrated and into the blood for transport to these organs of elimination. This is accomplished with hydrotherapy, exercise and massage therapy.

Massage therapy can turn the jelly-like extra-cellular matrix into a more liquid state allowing the trapped toxins to be free to move along with the extra cellular fluid (lymph) into the blood stream. This natural loss of water and garbage from around cells not only allows the cells to “clean house” more effectively, but brings them closer together and nearer to their blood supply of nutrients and hormonal control, in other words, a loss of water retention and bloating. The result: your cells work more harmoniously and more productively… and you look and feel great!

Remember to drink extra amounts of pure water before and after a massage to further enhance your elimination and to replenish your body’s supply of water.


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