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Moderate Weight Training Exercises

The following exercise would be ideal to add to a moderate weight training exercise. they cover most of the major muscle groups. Remember: Always consult with a trainer before beginning any of these exercises. Most weight training injuries occur becuase people don't know how to use the machines effctively.

1. Leg Press- strengthens hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks, and calves

2. Split Lunge- strengthens hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks, and calves

3. Hip Abduction- strengthens upper hip

4. Hip Adduction- strengthens inner thighs

5. Berbell Bench Press- strengthens chest, front shoulder, triceps

6. Reverse Lat Pulldown Stand- strengthens middle back, rear shoulder, biceps

7. Alternate Overhead Shoulder Press- strengthens shoulders, upper back, triceps

8. Lower Back Press- strengthens erector spinae

9. Bent Leg Sit-ups (alternating elbows)- strengthens upper abdomen

10. Straight Leg Sit-ups- strengthens lower abdomen


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