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The Effects of Excess Sugar Consumption

Americans consume on average over 190 pounds of refined sugar in a year. The increase of sugar consumption has followed an interesting trend when compared to the increase in diabetes, obesity, and heart disease:

10 lbs per person per year in 1821

120 lbs in 1970

150 lbs in 1994

170 lbs in 1997

190 lbs in 2002

Dangers of sugar consumption

When 20 lbs. of sugar is consumed per year, there are 60 deaths per 100,000 due to CV disease. When 150 lbs. of sugar is consumed per year, there are 300 deaths per 100,000. 90% of diabetes is associated with high carbohydrate consumption.

The following are some of the dangers of sugar consumption:

1. Increased weight and obesity
2. Premature aging
3. Immune suppression
4. Increased risk of cancer, especially breast, ovaries, rectum, and prostate
5. Diabetes
6. Fatigue and low energy
7. Low lean body muscle and high body fat
8. Reduced ability to build muscle
9. Mental and cognitive dysfunction, including depression
10. Bone loss and osteoporosis
11. Heart disease and high blood pressure.including depression


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