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Timing and Exercise

It is important that you time your exercise program to coincide with the best time for HGH release in your body. For instance, the lower your blood glucose levels are during exercise the greater the HGH spike you’ll get post exercise. The low blood glucose forces your body to release HGH to stimulate the burning of fat for energy. The best time for HGH stimulating exercise is first thing in the morning after an all-night fast, and 30 minutes to one hour after taking any type of HGH stimulating secretagogues. If you cannot exercise first thing in the morning, time your exercise to take place 2-3 hours after your meal, so you can burn off the glucose from the meal before you workout.

For the maximum HGH stimulation, fat burning, and weight loss you should do a fair amount of the aerobic part of the program first. This will reduce your blood glucose levels and stimulate the secretion of HGH to begin the burning of fat for energy. Planning your workout in advance to take advantage of these factors will result in up to a 250% increase in HGH secretion. Eat a high protein, low carbohydrate and moderate fat meal 15 to 45 minutes after exercise in order to sustain the increase in HGH secretion. Remember the majority of the HGH will be turned into IGF-1, which will continue the beneficial effects of HGH for up to 20 hours after its formation in the liver.

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