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Detoxification as a Form of Anti-Aging

Calcium-D-Glucarate, A Vital Nutrient of Detoxification

Calcium d-glucarate is a nontoxic, natural substance found in high concentrations in fruits and vegetables. The benefits of d-glucarate were first discovered by researchers at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Many studies have shown it to be highly protective against cancer due to properties that increase the ability of the body to detoxify and eliminate toxins and other harmful substances. Calcium d-glucarate is also an effective product for removing excess hormones and foreign chemicals that have negative hormonal activity in the body. This may be one of the reasons that d-glucarate is important in protecting against breast cancer and controlling postmenopausal symptoms. I feel that d-glucarate’s role in improving your body’s immunity lies in its ability to process and eliminate harmful toxins and carcinogens that tax the immune system, and also in its ability to bind to and remove toxic cellular waste. By increasing the levels of d-glucarate your body will have to spend less energy eliminating harmful substances. Energy that can be better used to fight incoming infections. There is also increasing evidence that d-glucarate has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Too many toxic estrogens in the body fat can increase body fat and water retention in both men and women, Calcium d-glucarate has the ability to neutralize these toxic estrogens leading to a leaner and healthy body.


Calcium D-glucarate detoxifies the system, and provides a very beneficial support for healthy immune function. Taking a regular dose during the flu season will prepare your body very well for the Spring, which is a great time to begin to cleanse and detoxify.

Why do I need to cleanse or detox?

Detoxification or cleansing is an important part of an anti-agining program because the build up of toxicity in the body can increase the biological aging that happens in your body. Some of the benefits of regular detoxification or cleansing include:

  1. Enhanced energy
  2. Weight loss
  3. Improved mood
  4. Better sleep

The anti-aging approach to detoxification focuses on the following:

  1. Reducing the toxic load by avoiding further toxic exposure,
  2. Replacing nutrients that are deficient through an individualized dietary program,
  3. The use of key supplements to assist and improve the liver’s ability to “chemically alter” the toxins in the body.
  4. Enhancing elimination via the digestive tract, the kidneys, and the skin
  5. Enhancing liver function

This approach re-balances and strengthens every cell, organ and tissue of the body.
The desired end result is the restoration of normal physiological function to all systems of the body, vital energy and a renewed sense of health and well-being.

Please see the following articles for more information on detoxification:

  1. Liver cleansing through the castor oil pack
  2. Liver friendly foods
  3. Gastrointestinal cleansing
  4. Lymphatic cleansing

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