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Naturally Raising HGH Levels

Introduction to HGH

Most people as they are growing up do not appreciate the truly amazing blessings of youth until it is too late. The physiological changes of aging- weight gain, loss of memory and coordination, skin changes, sexual dysfunction, immune defriciency, low energy levels and a general decrease in wellbeing are often perceived as the inevitable effect of the biological clocks incessant ticking.

One of the main reasons we experience the negative effects of aging is the gradual loss of a hormone called Human Growth Hormone. This is the hormone that is responsible for helping us burn calories, build muscular and trim bodies, enhance our immune system, boost our energy, and repair our tissue. Sadly the levels of HGH begin to decline as we get older and the negative effects of aging begin to creep up.

What if we could prevent that from happening? What if there were nutritional and botanical agents that could naturally boost the secretions of HGH from our own pituitary glands? Well there are and this section of the website website will show you some of the latest breakthroughs in nutrition and botanical medicine. Scientific studies have demonstrated that certain nutritional and botanical agents work via various biochemical pathways to stimulate your own pituitary gland to release its own HGH. This is far safer than injecting synthetic HGH and allows the bodies natural mechanisms to regulate how much HGH is being secreted and when. Before we get into the details of these powerful nutritional and botanical agents, I would like to take an opportunity to discuss this incredible hormone and its effects on the physiology of your body.

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced in the anterior pituitary, a gland located deep in the brain. It is a protein composed of a string of 196 amino acids by specialized cells called somatotropic cells. HGH is the hormone directly responsible for the incredible growth seen in infants and children. Levels of HGH peak in the adolescent years and gradually decline as we get older. Levels of HGH in our 60s are about 80% less than what they were in our early 20s. The rate of HGH loss is roughly 14% per decade.

HGH release from the pituitary gland is controlled by the hypothalamus, another important gland in the brain. The hypothalamus is able to sense how much circulating growth hormone there is in the body. When levels begin to drop it releases HGH stimulating factors that stimulate the pituitary to secrete HGH. If levels of HGH are high the hypothalamus releases substances that inhibit the release of HGH from the pitutiary. In our teens and early 20s HGH is released from the piuitary every few hours in pulses. However, this begins to drop off as we age. This decline in HGH is known as somatopause and is assocaited with a number of the symptoms of aging:

  1. Increased body fat
  2. Decreased level of energy
  3. Decreased stamina
  4. Decreased myscle mass, bulk and strength
  5. Increased risk of osteoporosis: decreased bone mineral density
  6. Increased risk of cardiovascular disease: decreaed HDH, Increased LDL
  7. Decreased immune function
  8. Wrnkling skin and graying hair
  9. Decreased sexual function
  10. Increased weight gain: reduced basal metabolic rate, increased hip to waist ratio
  11. Impaired psychological well-being: increased depression, anxiety
  12. Impaired cognitive function: memory loss

We do not know the exact cause of somatopause. There is some speculation that it may be due to a decrease in stimulation caused by decreasing precursor levels or an increase in inhibitory hormones caused by increasing stress, toxicity within the body, or blood sugar dysregulation. Fortunately, the release of HGH from the pituitary gland can be restored using specific nutrients to stimulate the release of natural HGH from the pituitary. This can have a dramatic effect on reversing the symptoms of aging, leading to increased levels of energy, improved libido, increased stamina, improved lean body muscle to body fat ratios, tissue healing, a decrease in wrinkles and graying hair.

Until recently these effects were only available to people using injectible growth hormone. Injectible growth hormone is extremeley expensive and not without side effects. However, a special blend of botanical and nutritional agents, which is affordable, effective and safe is now available to naturally boost HGH levels in the body.

Human Growth Hormone Secretegogues

It is better to promote the natural release of your own HGH than to replace the deficit with replacement therapy. Research in the field of hormone therapy has shown that the use of precursors or stimulatory agents to increase the natural production of a hormone are often more effective than ingesting the compound itself. Certain nutrients, specialized amino acids, and botanical agents have been shown to naturally stimulate and boost the output of human growth hormone. When taken in a formula these specialized amino acids and botanical agents appear to safely and effectively raise HGH levels. However, the effectiveness of taking these products in an oral form may be compromised by having to pass through the digestive tract and the liver before making their way to the pituitary. We know that a number of things need to be addressed before the pituitary can synthesize and release HGH. Firstly, the pituitary itself needs to be directly stimulated. Secondly, precursors of HGH need to make it directly into the pituitary gland, and thirdly, compounds and factors that inhibit the release of HGH should be eliminated (these include fluctuating blood sugar levels, adrenal stress and weakness, and stress in general). In my opinion the majority of HGH secretogogues fail to adequately stimulate or deliver key nutrients to the pituitary gland because they lack an effective delivery system.

The latest HGH secretegogues are using a unique advanced liposomal complex coupled with a targeted delivery system. This method bypasses the digestive tract and the liver to deliver the key nutrients and stimulation directly to the pituitary where they are needed. This direct stimulation targets the pituitary to release its stores of HGH and the key nutrients cause the pituitary to increase HGH synthesis. By combining specialized amino acids and botanical agents in a targeted liposomal form the pituitary gland can be stimulated to release more HGH and the effects of increasing HGH levels mentioned above can be truly appreciated.

Specialized Amino Acid Compounds and Botanical Agents to safely boost HGH levels

As mentioned above, the latest generation of HGH secretogogue blends a number of specialized amino acid compounds and botanical agents into a broad spectrum product that brings a new way to enhance wellbeing and reverse the decline of health associated with aging. The following nutrients and botanical agents are, in my opinion, the best way to increase your HGH levels. An effective HGH secretegogue should contain a blend of the following:

  1. Alpha glyceryl phopsphoryl Choline (Alpha GPC)
  2. GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid)
  3. Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  4. Branch Chain Amino Acids (L-Valine, L-isoleucine)
  5. L-Arginine
  6. L-lysine
  7. Mucuna pruiens (L-Dopa bean extract)
  8. Asphaltumen bitumen (Russian Mumie extract)


If you are wanting to get the amazing benefits of products such as these you should look for a formula that combines these ingredients in a form that can deliver them directly to where they are needed. I think the latest breakthroughs in liposomal targeted delivery provides such a mechanism for delivery.

Please also view our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

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